Randy Batista

An artist of Cuban heritage, Randy Batista brings passion and creativity to every project. Schooled in the Fine Art Photography, he also brings a keen eye and an artistic quality to each of his photographs. Randy is well known for capturing the human element in his photographs, for being able to bring forth, and record, the specific moment that depicts a message or that captures personal significance for the subject. Randy is a whirlwind of energy, yet insightful and compassionate. He is fun loving, yet conscientious about his imagery and respectful of the environment in which each project develops. Randy is blessed with the people skills and sensitivities that allow him to work with all types of people, of all levels of capability, in all locations.

On the personal side, Randy has been the creative force behind several very successful photo- "fun" raisers for charity (see Gallery). His photo-journals of Cuba have been shown at numerous venues around Florida.